Insider Threat Mitigation

  • Minimize human operations in production fabric
  • Automate deployment, system configuration, and policy enforcement
  • Encrypt content – separate key management from system administrators

Identity Management

  • Establish policy based trust for people, workloads
  • Providing strong access management and policy enforcement
  • Maintain system integrity and enforce non-repudiation

Security Business Process Management

  • Integrate security into Developer Operations (DevOps)
  • Design for failure: system, human error, and insider threat
  • Drive system maturity through automation and policy enforcement

Workload Isolation

  • Isolate processes at the workload level
  • Prevent crossing of production boundaries
  • Implement least privilege, data for people, processes

Policy Based Isolation

  • Build authorization schemes around roles, actions, and policies
  • Leverage token based authorization for enhanced security
  • Establish trust to authorize entire workload

Agile Project Management

  • Implementing Agile/SCRUM methodology
  • Achieving continuous integration and DevOPS maturity
  • Coaching Software Development teams

Technology Focus Areas

Data Science

Massively parallel processing with technology stacks such as hadoop, yarn, ELK to enable a variety of intelligence and defense mission areas to include insider threat, network intrusion detection, anomaly detection, and advanced visualizations.


Designing secure mobile solutions for Internet-of-Things (IoT), iOS, Android, and high latency end-points. Leverage secure code delivery, signing, and encryption to isolate and secure mobile workloads. Build and deploy enhanced audit and visualization to discern amorphous attack surfaces.


Cryptographic and token based authorization and federated key management systems. Encrypted search and discovery through tokenization, n-gram, simile, and stemming. Secure code development and deployment. Trust chaining, pass-through, and user-controlled data.


Cloud computing platform development and research. Hypervisor management, to include security and role separation, risk management, and protected virtual machines.