Welcome to The Shattuck Group.

The Shattuck Group is a cyber security engineering firm that specializes in protecting workloads from insider threats. We work with demanding clients that cannot sacrifice mission and business effectiveness or relax security safeguards. We help our customers challenge security preconceptions, understand implications of policy and risk value judgments (whether explicitly or implicitly), and re-think engineering efforts with security baked in from the beginning.

Our firm specializes in developing expert, multi-dimensional security consultants that have deep industry experience in intelligence, law enforcement, health care, and finance that can bring industry best practices into your IT infrastructure. We have specialized in cloud computing and cloud migration activities, as they are excellent opportunities to build in value producing security mechanisms designed for your specific workloads.

Even the simplest of improvements, such as single sign-on, least privilege, and multi-factor authentication, introduces substantial timesaving efficiencies that improve morale, increase customer confidence, and dramatically enhance the security of your production fabric. Contact the Shattuck Group to schedule a consultation on how we can help you assess risks, formulate policy based on those risks, engineer the security controls to implement your policies, and assess the effectiveness of your security enterprise.

Our Culture

Corporate Culture
Our purpose: service to customers operating in the cyber battle space

  • The Shattuck Group exists to enhance the mission effectiveness of any customer that needs to protect its most important data. We work regularly with Defense and Intelligence clients.
  • We take pride in rapidly integrating advances in technology into our customer’s capabilities.
  • Our work will never end so long as there are real threats in cyberspace that seek to steal, disrupt, and destroy our intellectual property

Our Work
Discipline, dedication, and passion to accomplish the mission

  • Employees of the Shattuck Group embody discipline in the pursuit of excellence in our craft. We measure our value strictly by the quality of our work.
  • Our sense of dedication is based on our founding principle that value is measured in mission success, not dollars and cents. Our team approach ensures that above all else our efforts will persist until complete.
  • Passion fuels our work. Learning, mentoring, and excelling fuels our passion to work.


Our People
Learning, mentoring, and leading a culture of innovation in cyber security

  • Learning for a Shattuck Group employee is as routine as eating and sleeping.
  • Passing on knowledge to our team and our customers through mentorship, coaching, and delivering value is reward in and of itself.
  • Above all else, we believe leadership is serving others.


If you feel you are a fit for our team and culture, please explore our careers and apply today

The Shattuck Group Experience

Work Life Balance

The Shattuck Group offers flexibility and freedom to work remotely.

We believe achieving balance in life is paramount. Our work is designed to complement and integrate into your life so that it is fulfilling, value producing, and enhances your lifestyle. We have many benefits designed to maximize your time, eliminate tedium, and reward leisure.


Keep balanced, be active and stay healthy at home and at work.

We have comprehensive benefits that are programmed to improve your performance physically, mentally, and spiritually, financial management, gym classes, and other benefits improve your ability to think and act faster, smarter.

Professional Development

Sharpen professional skills and make a mark your mark on society.

Learning is a hallmark for our team and our company invests heavily in professional education, training, higher academics, certification and coaching. Personal growth and development is central measure in our firm’s success.


Medical and dental benefits to keep you and your family happy and healthy

We offer a full range of medical and dental benefits that will keep you healthy and happy. With health savings accounts, flexible spending, life insurance, disability insurance, medical, dental, vision, and other benefits, we protect your income, provide options for the best medical care, and invest heavily on prevention focused care.